Fundraising Information

There are several ways to support the band. As fundraisers are created, this site will be updated with the information. However, there are two main ways to support the band during every part of the year.


Tax Credit Donations are an integral part of every extracurricular program. Arizona law allows tax payers to contribute up to $400 each year if filing status is Married, filing Joint Return. Up to $200 per year can be donated if filing status is Single or Head of Household, or Married, filing Separate Return. These are full deductions, not refunds. These contributions are donated directly to schools and programs, not to the district or state. Follow these these links below to donate. Make sure to designate CASTEEL BAND when contributing, either online or through a paper form. There are two links below: one to donate online, and another to fill out and return to the school.



This sponsorship program allows the Casteel Band to partner with local businesses and community members to benefit our students and their experiences. More information on this program will be uploaded soon!